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The year 2018 was the bloodiest year in American history for school shootings. Purely by coincidence, a tiny theater company of teen actors in Dallas set out to create an original stage play about some of our many arguments over Second Amendment rights, mass shootings, background checks and automatic weapons.

Americans are either pro-gun or anti-gun – at least that’s how the issues get framed. But these arguments aren’t actually binary. There’s complexity, there’s nuance. And there’s drama.

In ‘Gun Play,’ podcast hosts Hady Mawajdeh and Jerome Weeks follow Cry Havoc Theater Company as its student actors research these topics and craft their play — while deadly school shootings continue to erupt around the country. Over five months, Cry Havoc meets with victims of gun violence, NRA members, Washington politicians, a constitutional law professor and a convicted felon. And through these young actors’ interviews and performances, we gain some insights into why these issues continue to tear at our nation.