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The Social Distancing Binge Break

by Dane Walters 16 Mar 2020 1:57 PM

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Friday 3/27

North Texas set designer Clare Floyd DeVries explains how she ran away from architecture and joined the backstage circus of theater carpenters and tech directors as a set designer who has created over 200 stage since 2000.

Thursday 3/26

Howdy Folks! Back in 2014, Big Tex was named the country’s Quirkiest Landmark. That year, he also got some new moves, with the ability to turn his head, move his arms and eyes. We thought it only proper to set up a time-lapse and catch it all in action.

Wednesday 3/25

Back in 2011 as the then new Cowboys stadium in Arlington was nearing completion, we caught up with co-owner Gene Jones to talk about the extensive art collection she helped assemble for the stadium.

Tuesday 3/24

On a rainy afternoon back in July of 2018, Australian indie-folk artist Vance Joy had just kicked off his biggest global headlining tour to date and was riding a wave of acclaim after his second album, Nation of Two. He met up with KXT & Art & Seek’s On The Road crew at Alliance Action Park in Grand Prairie for a pre-show performance of his chart-topping single, “Saturday Sun.”

Monday 3/23

Dallas artist Gabriel Dawe makes physically imposing and yet nebulous sculpture of thread stretched between the points on the ceiling on the floor. He creates a multifaceted geometric shape, the color-changing like a rainbow as the viewer’s eye shifts around the form. Essentially a simple concept, like the nail-and-thread art that many children make, Dawe has taken this idea to its extreme, in his words “doing that same idea but in space, and pushing the boundaries of what drawing could be, putting steroids in them. “ Learn more about Dawe’s art in our profile.

Friday 3/20

Dallas producer Sikwitit has had an enviable start to his career. He’s performed with rap superstar Lil Wayne, produced viral beats for hip-hop magazine XXL and his music was featured on the Showtime series “Power.” Back in 2017, we visited Sikwitit in his studio, with Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions and producer Brown Royal, to see how the music is made. Learn more about Sikwitit and hear Hady Mawajdeh’s radio story here.

Thursday 3/19

As a professional time-lapse videographer, Jordan Mathis spends hours to plan and craft a few minutes – or seconds – of beautiful video. He travels the world and uses sophisticated motion-control technology to turn mundane movements of people, clouds, stars, and waves into glowing jewels of light and shadow. See our full profile on the Artist Spotlight.

Wednesday 3/18

Saxophonist Brad Leali has toured the globe playing music alongside greats like Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, and Lyle Lovett. But when he’s not touring with icons, he’s teaching at the University of North Texas’ renowned school of music. Learn more about Brad in our Artist Spotlight.

Tuesday 3/17

Back in 2013 we caught up with Desmond Blair for our Artist Studio Tour series. At the time, he was painting out of a studio space at the University of Texas at Dallas. While lifelike paintings are his forte, Blair is also a digital artist, creating amazing 3d renderings and other works covering a verity of subjects. He creates all this amazing work despite the fact that he was born without hands. You can catch up with what he’s doing today over on his Instagram.

Monday 3/16

Justin Terveen’s shots of the Dallas skyline and landscapes are painterly. His images often go viral. Tips of downtown skyscrapers poking through a thick fog, or multiple lightning bolts flashing across a panorama of the city. Lately, he’s moved beyond the metroplex to capture turbulent skies and stunning natural landscapes.  See more of Justin’s work, and hear the radio interview from our Art&Seek profile here. Justin is also offering discounted prints right now due to the economic slowdown.  If you’re looking for some new home or office decore, drop him a line.

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