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VIDEO: Artist Studio Tour, Desmond Blair

by Dane Walters 16 May 2013 11:57 AM

Art&Seek talks with Desmond Blair about the art studio at UT Dallas where he creates his art and the challenges he has overcome being born without hands.


Today, we round out our latest group of Artist Studio Tours with a visit to Desmond Blair’s studio at UT Dallas. You can check out Desmond’s work, and that of more than 40 other artists,  in person at Art Love Magic’s Underground 5, returning for its fifth year to South Side on Lamar on May 18.  Underground 5 inspired Art&Seek to revive its Artist Studio Tour series .

A special thanks goes out to Tony Walls who allowed us to use footage from his inspiring video that followed Desmond as he created a painting.  And check out studio tours with two other Underground 5 artists, Marilyn Vicente and Riley Holloway.

Desmond Blair

Medium:  oil painting, pencil, digital art.

Number of years in this space: 2 years

What do you enjoy about working here? Typically it’s quiet here.  I come in here on weekends or I come over here after I get off of work and I can turn my music on and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world.  I can really come over here, clear my head and create at the same time; really just relax and zone into what I am doing.

If you could change something about the space, what would it be? I wish I had access to a bed here.  Because I work in this studio, I envision someday having a house where there is a big open studio.  I can go up stairs, crash for a little bit, and then come back down and just get to work.  Because some times my inspiration doesn’t come at 5 o’clock when I get off of work, sometimes it comes at 1 AM.  I think that is how creativity works, and even if it is just to get that initial thought out of your head, ideally I would like to fuse both spaces.