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Hog Day Afternoon

Art Centre Theatre

You've seen Everett Newton's Taxidermia and I Know You Are But What Am I?, and his keen wit and humor return to the ACT stage with Hog Day Afternoon!

Jasper and Arvid Sneet are simple men. Brothers. Texans. Hog farmers. But are they killers? With a little help, perhaps they are. Help, in the form of E. Ray Mickelson. Insurance agent. Minister. Sociopath. E. Ray convinces Jasper and Arvid to ensure the workers on their farm with multiple life insurance policies, naming themselves as beneficiaries, after which they plot to do them in. But can E. Ray, Arvid, and Jasper pull it off without being uncovered by Raelene Jeffers, the trombone-wielding underwriter at the Lifelong Assurance Insurance and Indemnity Company? Will Arvid ever defeat Jasper at "Rock, Paper, Scissors"? Will Raelene ever receive her trombone slide grease from Paraguay? The answers to these and many other scintillating questions await!

Mature Content; 18 and over, please.

Play is intended for mature audiences, 18 and up.

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  • $0-$15

1400 Summit Ave Suite E · Plano, TX 75074