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The Oil & Gas Show


The gallery will host an opening reception for their upcoming exhibition "The Oil & Gas Show" on Thursday, Jan. 28 from 6 to 9 p.m. An investigation into the notoriously complex, elusive, political and intoxicating industry that is oil, “The Oil and Gas Show” touches on issues of labor, finance, cultural variation and industrial development. The exhibition, which will be on view from Thursday, Jan. 28 through Sunday, Feb. 28 at the newly revamped LEVEL GALLERY (formerly WAAS Gallery), aims to expose the intricacies and complexities of the varying perspectives on the industry. It attempts to illuminate and hold in balance the vilification of the industry due to its harsh and real effects on the environment and the quality of many lives, while also illuminating the necessity of the industry and the ethical, intelligent and efficient practices already in place. Various artists from around the nation will be involved in the kick-off show, including Brian Wagner (Philadelphia, PA), Jonas Criscoe, Thomas Macker (Jackson, WY), Nikki Moser, David Grassman (Pinedale,WY), Liz Appling (Austin, TX), and Dallas-based artists William Messimer and Blake Boettcher.

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