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Liminal Space 2022

Blind Alley

Liminal Space is a series of four independent exhibitions by TCU MFA students, graduating spring 2022:

Corrie Thompson, June 4-16     

With Forward and Backward, artist Corrie Thompson responds to the space and conditions of the gallery with two large drawings and a constructed scrim of netting which work together to both locate and displace interior/exterior and image/reflection. Thompson explains, “I’ve been interested in how the inside and outside of Blind Alley interact. The spaces are separate, but the reflective window ensures that whatever is inside can only be seen through overlaid views of what’s outside. This “both/and” quality led me to create hierarchies of privacy with layers of netting, glass, canvas, and marks. The drawings allude to the landscape around the property, around Fort Worth, and from my personal history. That history is at the heart of this installation, but it remains hidden – a negotiation that mirrors the dynamics of the space. The dual imagery – sky and cloud, ground, and plant, dark and light– reflect my own inward and outward facing stances as an artist.”

Corrie Thompson (b. Los Angeles) makes drawings, books, and textiles that explore tensions between identity and loss. Thompson grew up in the United States, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. She currently lives in Fort Worth, TX. Where she received an MFA in Studio Art at Texas Christian University in 2022, after receiving a BA in Fine Art from North Park University in Chicago in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and Texas, with recent exhibitions at Moudy Gallery, Moncrief Cancer Institute, PRP Agency, Craighead Green, and Fort Worth Contemporary Arts.

Doug Land, June 18-30

Artist, Doug Land incorporates interior and exterior for his seriously playful installation, Gray Rainbow by thoughtfully enlisting the given nature of Blind Alley. As Land states, “An array of clouds glimmer on a navy-blue bedsheet. The cloth floats suspended behind a pane of glass. That with no substance enters where there’s no space. A momentary reflection from a street sign creates a meeting of two spaces. The inner space of a gallery is connected to the chaos of the outside by light. Then the sun shifts, and the clouded bedsheet returns to its confinement.”

Doug Land. was raised in the woods south of Dallas. He received a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and recently completed an MFA at Texas Christian University. Gardening was once a youthful pastime spent with his grandmother, but as greenspaces have become more rare, Land. felt a strong need to cultivate art in conversation with the outdoor experience.

Fernando Alvarez, July 2-14

Artist Fernando Alvarez’s A Place to Mourn employs the placeness of the interior and exterior of Blind Alley, as well as the transparent barrier between the two that holds and morphs reflections. The installation consists of a funeral scene by way of a wreath displayed within the Blind Alley space. Directly outside of its glass facade, flowers are left on top of a concrete pad. Unable to coexist in the same space, both the inside wreath and outside flowers wilt and dry-up separately.

As Alvarez explains, “A Place to Mourn addresses the inability to properly lament what is lost. My practice has often reconciled the end of my own cultural identity due to the unceremonious nature of my displacement. Without a proper opportunity for closure, I have had to mourn the end of a former life from afar. This naturally led to thoughts on how we have collectively dealt with loss throughout the pandemic, and how, despite our desire to be there for loved ones during trying times, we have not been able to.”

Adrianna Touch, July 16-28

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