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Saturday Spotlight: Arts Goggle

by Stephen Becker 18 May 2012 2:05 PM

Let’s be honest – our comfortable outside days are numbered. Saturday’s temperature should top out around 88 – call it the brink of bearable. So spending a little time outside this weekend is probably a must.

A solid option is Arts Goggle. The celebration of all things arts happens Saturday from 4-10 p.m. at Near Southside. The free event features food and drink as well as a chance to see a slew of visual artists all within a comfortable walk.

“You’ll find a really cross mix of performing arts, art arts, street bands, really good jazz bands and it’s really sort of a celebration as opposed to an exhibition,” says Marshall Harris, and artist participating in Arts Goggle for the first time. An exhibition of his photo-quality drawings will be held at 407 S. Main St., with beer from Fort Worth’s Rahr and Sons and tacos. Harris says that part of the point of Arts Goggle is to switch up the traditional gallery setting for viewing art.

“As opposed to an office that’s opening up their space, putting art on the wall, having some wine and stuff, we’re really creating a space where you can either start Arts Goggle here and come back or you can be within this vicinity the entire evening if you chose.”

There’s also art for the ears on tap, with Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Sally Majestic, Fish Fry Bingo and others slated to perform. For additional information, check our calendar listing and this recent dfw.com post.