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Art&Seek Saturday Spotlight

by Stephen Becker 13 Mar 2009 6:28 PM

nx351This week in the Art&Seek Spotlight, we feature the North by 35 Music Conferette in Denton. For more on the event:

FIND: Today’s schedule of events is posted on the NX35 Web site. For a taste of what you will be in for, listen to Jerome Week’s radio story from this week and read Betsy Lewis’ interview with the festival’s founder on the Art&Seek blog.

REACT: All weekend, we’ll be blogging live from NX35. If you see a show that blows your mind, by all means post a comment to one of our posts over on the blog. And if there is a band we shouldn’t miss today, post a comment to this post.

DISCUSS: Is Texas big enough for back-to-back music festivals? It’s a long-standing tradition for bands playing  South by Southwest to stop through North Texas to play a show either coming or going. Is NX35 finally a way to centralize all of that invading talent?

CREATE: It seems like NX35 could use a catchy slogan — the kind of thing you’d see on a T-shirt. Does anyone have a good idea for one — maybe something playing off the idea of being SXSW’s little brother? I’ll throw one out: “If you’re in Texas, stop on by”