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Art&Seek Saturday Spotlight

by Stephen Becker 20 Feb 2009 7:00 PM

In this weekend’s Art&Seek spotlight, classical meets jazz with Branford Marsalis joining the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for concerts Saturday and Sunday. For more on the show:

FIND: For all the details on tonight’s concert, visit the event listing on Art&Seek.com.
REACT: Branford Marsalis took part in a documentary a few years back called Before the Music Dies, which inspects the state of pop music. He says in the film that artists like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder wouldn’t even be given a chance today because they are blind. Is he on to something? You can watch a trailer of the film and download it at beforethemusicdies.com.
DISCUSS: We are about half way through Jaap Van Zweden’s debut season with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. From what we have seen so far, how does he compare with Music Director Emeritus Andrew Litton, who helmed the group for a dozen years? Are there elements of Litton’s direction that you miss? Litton rejoins the orchestra as part of these performances.
CREATE: Do you have a child at home whose creative life needs a little fostering? The DSO also runs a Web site called dsokids.com where young people can learn more about music. Under the home activities section the site has included instructions on how to make your own woodwind, string and percussion instruments using household materials.