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Tejas Dance presents SUGATI – The path of bliss

Eisemann Center

Tejas Dance presents SUGATI – The path of bliss

Tejas dance presents Viraja and Shyamjith Kiran are a dynamic dancer couple trained from the illustrious Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai in SUGATI – The path of bliss. This event is scheduled on September 21st at Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, Bank of America theater. 

It is our desire to share the rich traditional art forms of India and deliver them in today’s context in this evening of Classical performances, showcasing two productions in two different classical art forms. SUGATI has different meanings across varied cultures and languages. The meaning of the word can be summed as a path of bliss or happiness. The performance is set in the format of a Margam, the traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire with a fresh approach to the conceptualization.  The central item of the performance is the critically acclaimed works, ‘Rekha’, exploring the concept of lines through Bharatnatyam. 

Tickets can be purchased online at www.eisemanncenter.comor 972.744.4650

About Viraja and Shyamjith Kiran

Viraja and Shyamjith Kiran are a dynamic dancer couple trained from the illustrious Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai. Both of them have previously been a part of the Kalakshetra repertory company taking up major roles and also taught as part-time faculty at their alma mater. They have had the rich experience of working with legends in their field like Smt. Leela Samson and the Dhananjayans. The duo has also been in trained in Kathakali under their guru Sadanam Balakrishnan. Involvement with these gurus, Kalakshetra and their independent pursuits has enabled them to perform at various prestigious venues world over. Training in Yoga and Kalaripayattu has been an important factor in their understanding of not just the physicality of the human form but also the intellect. Some of their critically acclaimed works include Pareekshana, Mudivil Oru Aarambam, Svam, Aham, Rekha, Samaagati and Eeram.

About Tejas Dance

Tejas dance was founded by Bhuvana Venkatraman in 2014 as a platform to enrich and popularize Bharatanatyam; identify and encourage talent in the field. Based on a strong belief in the ever-expanding potential of all art forms, Bharatanatyam in particular, Tejas Dance endeavors to blend the great art with changing times and concepts; and gain integration within different cultural milieus. 

As Artistic Directors of Tejas Dance, Chintan Patel and Bhuvana Venkatraman, are enthusiastic dancers/choreographers, strongly rooted in tradition striving to give new meaning to Bharatanatyam techniques and themes. 


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