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Kids in the Cliff: Summer & School Stories

The Wild Detectives

Hello dear families! Welcome back to Kids In The Cliff weekend storytime! It has been a great summer at The Wild Detectives, and after a two-week hiatus, we’re thrilled to be back on track. Are you gearing up for school? This Sunday morning we are all about it! Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet – these books are all fun for all ages, and it’s never too early or too late to enjoy reading. So get ready to brush up on the basics and tell everyone what YOU did this summer! Come join in with us at The Wild Detectives’ cozy little house for fun stories this Sunday. See you in the kids’ section!

*Special note for parents: As usual, we’ll have related extra books on hand in case you are looking for other excellent picture books we recommend! Particular emphasis is placed on striking illustrations, great graphic design or standout writing. Titles may be brand new, old treasures, from home, our kids’ section or the local library, but they are always picked with love and a sense of adventure. If there’s a book you’d love, consider our ordering service!

Kids In The Cliff storytime at The Wild Detectives is every Sunday morning at 11. As people who’ve been there, we strive to select themes or titles that will be interesting enough to pique not only children’s, but also the attending adults’ curiosity. It’ll be about a 30-45 minute read each time with something different and fun for the kids–that’s going to be interesting; we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

All ages are welcome.

On Sunday mornings, bring your kids and infuse them with a love of reading

Kids In The Cliff is organized by Lanie DeLay, who has worked at Dallas Contemporary, the Dallas Public Library, Hamon Arts Library at SMU, at area preschools and the School For The Blind in Austin. She has written for Glasstire and Art&Seek, and she tutors children in early reading skills at Dealey Montessori. When she isn’t looking at art or reading with kids, she’s reading about art or looking for a new read.

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