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Elizabeth Hill: Square Peg // Round Hole

Magnolia Theatre

Ro2 Art is pleased to present Square Peg // Round Hole, a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Elizabeth Hill. The show will run from August 27 - October 7, 2019, at Ro2 Art located at The Magnolia Theatre: 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75204. Join us Thursday, 29 from 6-8 PM for the artist reception! 

My art can be quite experimental at times because I am always looking for new techniques or materials I can utilize in my work. More often than not, my pieces are non-representational because I enjoy the open interpretation that abstraction allows. I have always been drawn to works of art that have some type of three-dimensional element. I explain this in my work by including textural components such as wire, fabric, string, or wood. I want viewers to feel the urge to touch things. Although I am still in the process of refining my personal artistic style, I do tend to gravitate towards pops of color, intricate linework, and heavy paint application. One of the main driving forces behind my work is a need to explore and fully understand the nuances of color theory. I love investigating color combinations and creating a dialogue amongst the different hues.

I am also curious about the relationship between color and emotion, and I tend to search for hues and compositions that feel “right.” My creative process is extremely intuitive and relies heavily on my gut instinct. That being said, I often have to step back and let the work speak to me before I know in which direction to move. This conversation allows me to form a unique relationship with each piece I create.

My recent body of work serves as an exploration of containment and connectivity in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. The objects I incorporated into these pieces are reduced to their basic, formalist qualities. I see them for their shape, color, and texture -- not for their original intended purpose. As someone whose thoughts are hyperactive and entangled at any given hour of the day, I see the act of placing shapes within shapes as an exercise in mental compartmentalization. By creating physical manifestations of this internal process, I feel that I am investigating the connection between abstraction and my own humanity. Seeing as I am at a very pivotal time in my life, this body of work has allowed me to process these milestones and changes externally and more openly as opposed to just internally. The expression “square peg, round hole” is typically used to describe a person who does not conventionally fit into society. However, I have chosen to take it at face value to allude to the fact that compartmentalization is not a faultless process. It can only take you so far before you are forced to stop and acknowledge the things that have been boxed up and stored away.      

Elizabeth Hill is a Dallas-based artist who recently graduated from the University of North Texas where she earned a B.F.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting & Drawing, as well as a double minor in Women’s & Gender Studies and Art History. She plans to focus on her artistic practice while continuing to be an active member of her art community. Her main goal is to positively impact the community by helping to amplify the voices of marginalized artists, especially artists of color. 

She hails from the city of Mesquite, Texas and has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 22 years now. Her work has been featured in several group shows at galleries such as 500 X Gallery (Dallas, TX), Ro2 Art (Dallas, TX), Denton ARThaus (Denton, TX), and UNT on the Square (Denton, TX). Hill made an appearance in the 2017 publication of the North Texas Review, was one of the featured artists for the 2019 Women’s Day Extravaganza in Dallas, and was also a monthly featured artist at Denton's West Oak Coffee Bar for April 2018.

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3699 McKinney Avenue · Suite 100 · Dallas, TX 75204

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