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Art Opening : Kiley Coleman at Top Ten Records

Top Ten Records

Shop opens at noon
Event starts at 6:30 pm
Shop closes at 10p
Donations welcome. All artwork is for sale benefiting the artist and the non-profit, Top Ten Records

Artist Kiley Coleman lives in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Originally from Arkansas, Coleman has lived in Austin,TX and Las Vegas, NM, moving to North Texas two years ago. Each location has allowed them to experience different forms of art that have ultimately impacted and influenced their creative expression. Coleman graduated from the University of Arkansas focusing on Sculpture and Printmaking. Since leaving college they have found themselves painting a lot more due to space and access to materials, drawing on past experimentation in sculpture and printmaking.

Artist Statement:
Monkey Gone to Heaven
This series is influenced heavily by my own comparisons of self in correlation to the world and the role I play in it. As well as all of our roles as people, places or things. This year specifically I have struggled deeply with anxiety and depression. I find myself often worrying about things I have no control over. For example, man's destruction. At times I feel that it weighs heavier on me than a lot of those around me. I find myself wondering about how others are simply able to not care? How I constantly try to find control in a chaotic world where that does not exist. My work uses layers of shapes, patterns, colors, textures, and sheens to demonstrate both chaos and structure in a yin and yang sort of way. ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ for those who aren’t familiar is a Pixies reference about destruction and man’s negative impact. The song itself is catchy and has references that many people might not catch upon first listening. In the same way I feel the themes in my artwork may not present until further inspection.

Top Ten Records is the oldest record store in Dallas, TX, part of the JFK assassination story, and recently re-launched as a community supported organization. Thank you for your help to keep Top Ten Records operational and able to grow through projects, events, shopping, membership, and community engagement! You are the scene.

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338 W. Jefferson Blvd. · Dallas, TX 75208