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Opening Reception: Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Rest

Bath House Cultural Center

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 31, 2019 (7-9 PM) - Featuring music by Chris Richter.

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Rest, an exhibition featuring three Major Dallas Landscape Painters, Mary Vernon, Barnaby Fitzgerald, and Lin Medlin.  The exhibition offers three different perspectives on the idea of mobility in painting.

The artists present works carefully chosen to reveal how we find motion in an immobile work of art. In their exhibition Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Rest, the three painters suggest that the movement of the eye and the body in real landscape leaves a trace in the painted one. In the catalog that accompanies the exhibition, the painters say: “How does a painting called River mean the walk to its bank, the putting of a toe in the rapid water, and the seeing of the water as it sweeps away against a bank of gray stalks? So still a thing as a painting, deliberately unshifting, can only hold vision in a trace. The trace remembers each shift and collision of sensations as the landscape was seen. You might ask: is the viewer expected to find motion within the immobile work?” 

The Bath House Cultural Center is a division of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs and is a member of the Dallas Art Dealers Association.

Works by Fitzgerald and Vernon courtesy of Valley House Gallery of Dallas.

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