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Ancient Lives and the Afterlife

Southern Methodist University - Fondren Science Building

Gayle Gibson, formerly of the Royal Ontario Museum, will present an all-day seminar on Ancient Lives and the Afterlife.

What happens to the human personality after death? Does it dissolve as do the molecules of the body, back into the star stuff we are made of? Or does some part of us, a soul, a spirit, survive death? The Ancient Egyptians pondered these issues and formed elaborate and intricate theories of what happens after death.  Throughout the long ages of their culture, ideas changed, and the location of the Afterlife changed. Underworld, or Heaven above, or somehow both. Their thoughts on the nature of the surviving aspect of a human being changed, too. What was left? Would the spirits of the dead recognize each other? Would there still be the human pleasures of eating and drinking and making love? Come to the seminar and find out!

Suggested donation $50

NT-ARCE is a local chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt and is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.
In addition to this seminar, we hold monthly lectures on Ancient Egypt which are free and open to the public.

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  • $50

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