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Bath House Cultural Center

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 6, 2019 (7-9 PM). Featuring music by Len Barnett and Percussions Things. Exhibition on display through August 3, 2019.

Migration is an ever-present natural phenomenon that occurs all around us in a multiplicity of ways.  Whether human or non-human, migration is an activity that offers an extraordinary view into the complexity of how the world and the universe work.  Migration conveys different meanings and notions:  It can be perceived as beautiful and consistent with nature or it can be seen as an inevitable instrument of change and transformation that is necessary for survival.  It can also be associated with social and political issues that cause much debate and disagreement, as reflected by the current discourse connected to immigration.

The Migratory exhibition explores different types of human and non-human migration with art that studies the causes, actions and effects of people, animals, or things moving from one place to another.  The participating artists look at that process of motion from various perspectives and present works that involve subject matter related to nomadic activity, change of position or location, and migratory behavior. 

The exhibition includes artwork by artists from the U.S. and from Mexico, Spain, Chile, China, South Korea, Ethiopia, and Canada, providing evidence that the concept of migration is of global interest.  Some of the artists created works for the show that are inspired by themes that study topics such as the struggle of the journeys of immigrants, the patterns of motion of birds and planets, the parallels of human and animal movement, and the majesty of itinerant wildlife.  Other artists examine the theme of the show in a more introspective and less literal way by illustrating their perspectives based on personal pilgrimages.  Overall, all the artists express, through their work, that we are all part of a universe that does not stay still.

Participating Artists: Kathy Boortz, Xavi Bou, Soojin Choi, Djay Chung, Michelle Cortez Gonzales, Inyang Essien, Angie Flanagan, Juan J. Hernández, Freddie McCoo, Jas Mardis, S. Chuck McCarter, Tina Medina, Analise Minjarez, Juán de Dios Mora, Benjamin Muñoz, Lupita Murillo-Tinnen, María Oliveira, Roger Peet, Rocío Ramírez, Yocelyn Riojas, Jess X. Snow, T. Stone, Elise Techentine, Elysa Voshell, Sarita Westrup, Liliana Wilson, and Abebe Zelelew.

The exhibition was curated by Enrique Fernández Cervantes.

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