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Avner Sher - Chaotic Harmony: Jerusalem Journeys Art Exhibition

Museum of Biblical Art - The MBA

Chaotic Harmony: Jerusalem Journeys Art Exhibition

Masterpieces of Cut, Carved and Scorched Cork

Featuring Famed Israeli Artist and Architect Avner Sher

Appreciate the Holy Land in a fresh way through contemporary Israeli artist Avner Sher. Entitled Jerusalem Journeys, Sher’s new art exhibition at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas is deeply rooted in his architectural practice and interest in the history of Israel. Elaborate and physically demanding, his primitive yet sophisticated artistic technique involves scratching, slicing, engraving and burning large-scale sheets of cork.

Pre-historic elements are combined with child-like symbolism and style, as he generates rich and intricate works of art. Born in Israel, Avner Sher earned his architectural degree from the Israel Institute of Technology and art degree from Haifa University. The artist has become renowned in both fields.

Internationally recognized, Sher has had recent exhibitions in Torino Italy, Jakarta Indonesia, Monaco, Art Basel in Miami, the Jerusalem Biennale and the Venice Biennale. Curator and Art Historian Scott Peck: “Savage and brutal, Israeli Artist Avner Sher torches, slashes and sculpts cork panels creating mystical masterpieces, evoking a kind of ancient and guileless imagery that is strikingly contemporary and relevant for us today.” Avner Sher calls his work “products from vandalism and chaos that I create myself – but they eventually lead me to rebuild creative and surprising works of art!”

Israeli Artist Avner Sher: Jerusalem Journeys Art Exhibition June 30 - September 2019

You are cordially invited to meet Artist Avner Sher at the Opening Reception on Sunday, June 30, 2019 from 3–5 PM

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