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Heirlooms by Christine Adame

Umbrella Gallery

From the Artist:Born a fifth-generation Mexican-American, I have always had a curiosity for hybridity, or the ways in which generational histories and cultures converge at my identity. My work drifts between printmaking, drawing, and language to examine the journey of the self. The exhibition “Heirlooms” explores the power of family relationships on personal transition. I draw from family archives, gesture, storytelling, and mourning the loss of my father as case studies. These heirlooms are not meant to be monolithic or all encompassing, but to point to familiar archetypes for clarity on one’s journey.
Christine Adame is an intermedia artist from Laredo, Texas. Her education in the arts began at the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her B.S. in Architectural Studies. While teaching in Japan she fell in love with printmaking and watercolor painting under the tutelage of Richard Steiner and Koun Nangaku. She went on to complete her MFA in Intermedia studio from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2018. She currently lives and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Adame has exhibited in Texas and Japan and has led workshops throughout the United States and in Spain, most recently at the Barcelona Maker Faire. She is a member of the feminist collective Sister Death. She is a recipient of the McDowell Center Innovative Project Award for Visual Artists.

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