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Creative Kids

Nicholson Memorial Library System - South Garland Branch

School-age children, ages 7 to 12, have the opportunity to become creative kids this summer by joining the Creative Kids Group at the South Garland Branch Library. This program series features a different class each Tuesday, beginning June 4 and ending July 23. Each class runs from 7 to 8 p.m. During these sessions children will learn a new creative skill and then practice with hands-on activities and crafts. There is a class to engage almost every child.

June 4: My Space Diary - Create your own diary-like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Each diary will contain interactive prompts for writing, coloring, and drawing.

June 11: Rover Races - Learn about rovers like those used on Mars, then make a model rover out of food items like Twizzlers, frosting, marshmallows, peppermints, and Kit-Kat bars.

June 18: Pocket-Sized Solar System - Discover the elements that make up our solar system, and create a pocket-sized version using stickers.

June 25: Jedi Training - Experience Jedi training by completing Star Wars-themed activities, such as making Leia hair buns or Yoda ears, building droids, practicing with lightsabers, and flying paper airplanes through a Death Star trench.

July 2: Create Your Own Planet - Design your own planet, then build it using Play Doh and styrofoam. When you are finished, share facts about your planet’s size, distance from the sun, and a number of moons with your friends.

July 9: Space Landing Mission - Help friendly aliens land on Earth by constructing shock-absorbing landers using paper, index cards, straws, and marshmallows. Test your lander by dropping it from a height of three feet, then redesign if necessary.

July 16: Build Your Own Moon Habitat - Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing by making your own miniature moon habitat out of recycled materials.

July 23: Space Suncatchers - Create a space-themed suncatcher using stained-glass paint and clear plastic plates. Once the paint has dried, staff will help you add stars for a finished look.

Registration is required to attend Creative Kids and begins Wednesday, May 1. Due to the popularity of these programs, registration is limited to 30 participants, and parents may register their children for a maximum of two programs per month. Please be aware that photographs and video may be taken at Library programs for use in print and/or electronic media at the Library’s discretion. The South Garland Branch Library is located at 4845 Broadway Blvd., at Oates Rd. Call 972-205-3933 for information on specific classes and to register.


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