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Tejas Dance Presents 'the WOMAN next door'

Eisemann Center

Tejas dance premiers its full-length work ‘the WOMAN next door’ this June 16that Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, Bank of America theater. This is a thematic production in Bharatanatyam, performed by Artistic directors of Tejas Dance - Bhuvana Venkatraman and Chintan Patel. 

This production celebrates women by featuring Goddesses, leaders, role models and warriors from epics, history books and literature. Except, this isn’t about the big names. This is really about inspiring women we meet on a daily basis. Women who beat odds right in front of our eyes, women who challenge the status quo, women who obliterate the gender gap, women who refuse to give up. It is about our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends, who gave us limitless aspiration and paved the way for us to break the glass ceiling. 

This journey probes the world of several Indian characters and draws parallels with everyday women. It explores these analogous characters through Bharatanatyam, a storytelling art form. Bharatanatyam has a framework for improvisation through Nritta – pure dance with intricate patterns and movements, Nritya – expressive dance through Abhinaya and Natya – theater and storytelling. Tejas Dance brings together these aspects of Bharatanatyam and much more, to improvise and create new works that are relatable. 

Tickets for ‘the WOMAN next door’ are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 972.744.4650 or online at




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  • $15-$50
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  • 972.744.4650

2351 Performance Drive · Richardson, TX 75082

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