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Cynthia Giron: Playing in Between

Ro2 Art at The Magnolia

Ro2 Art is proud to present Cynthia Giron’s solo exhibition Playing in Between. The show will run from May 22 through July 2, 2019. There will be an artist reception at Ro2 Art at The Magnolia Theatre from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, May 23.

Cynthia Giron uses her personal experiences and memories growing up as a first-generation American to create her work. focusing on both abstracted forms and more representational objects, she uses a calculated duality of play and control to render her recollections. Giron describes the experience of being brought up within two cultures as often conjuring feelings of isolation and displacement, yet in her work, she wants to highlight her journey on finding her identity in the ‘in-between’, through fun, play and creating. Hands are often depicted in her paintings, used as symbols to represent the artists ties between two cultures. Cynthia Giron uses a childlike approach in Playing in Between to create her own language in exploring her identity and creating space for herself.

Artist Statement

My work is about play.

By focusing on personal narratives and my experiences of growing up as a first-generation American, I touch on themes of nostalgia and the in-between. I create as a way to make a space for myself. Here I am free to explore memories, now that I have the language to describe them. The work is manifested in paintings that combine recognizable objects and parts of the body, especially hands. I use hands to represent the ties I have in both of my cultures. At times, they are just snippets or combined recollections. I see them as a puzzle, where I am carefully attempting to line up each piece to make sense of the whole picture.

Color has always been of special importance to my work, I use bright colors as a way to place focus on particular moments, or for especially vivid memories.  The way I draw resembles how I drew as a kid, bold outlines, awkward and playful, only now there is intention placed on how I draw and what remains abstracted or more representational.  This way of drawing is juxtaposed with more specifically executed areas, a combination of play and control. Of thinking and remembering.


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Magnolia Theatre, Second Floor · 3699 McKinney Ave. Suite 100 · Dallas, TX 75204

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