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Raja Yoga Meditation & Integral Health

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center

In this chaotic, complex and tense world, where the situations happen in a sudden and unexpected way, we have to give attention to all aspects of our health. We will explore 8 main areas connected with our health. Four are connected more with the body and physical things and four are connected more with our spiritual being.Meditation has become a magic word these days. At a time when everyone wants to experience peace, success, and good relationships, and realize that comfort and material acquisitions are not enough for them, this interest in Eastern philosophies and self-help methods is natural.Raja Yoga Meditation is a process of self-knowledge that aims at the transformation of the individual, rescuing its original qualities of peace, love, purity, happiness and inner truth. The principle is simple. We are spiritual beings and we use our bodies to play our part in life's play.This meditation brings us back to right awareness and the right perspective in the use of our possessions, of time, of our talents, of our profession, and of relating to everyone around us. To meditate is to develop self-sovereignty, that is, self-control over our five physical sense organs and three subtle sense organs (mind, intellect and personality), in order to become the master, the master of my own life and no longer the slave of desires and external influences.

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