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Cocoon by Shamsy Roomiani

WAAS Gallery

This new WAAS exhibit introduces a new concept called, 'Conscious Design', where we are collaborating with other artists to create spaces that exhibit art while embodying a well mind.

This specific type of art and well experience allows us to open up conversations about plants, how they can be tools in our everyday life, how they promote healthier lifestyles, and also how they can be seen as art with a co-creating body of work and vision by SHAMSY and Brandy Michele Adams.

Shamsy's 'COCOON' installation is nestled inside the Green Room which allows you to center and ground while being immersed among the plant world. Plant yourself in the center of ‘COCOON‘ in order to recharge your energy and become in tune with the surrounding green life. ‘COCOON’ enfolds around you to promote a sense of relaxation which empowers you to achieve a higher state of oneness. The exhibition will pair Shamsy's 35mm photography, lithographs, cyanotypes and shamstone sculptures with a curated collection of plants provided by Ruibal Plants of Texas in The Dallas Farmers Market. The Green Room will be exhibiting during the Dallas Art Fair, EarthX, and will remain on view until summer.

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Portrait of Shamsy by @Exploredinary

Opening Reception: April 4, 7-9 p.m.

On view April 4 - July 30, 2109

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2790 Logan Street · Dallas, TX 75215

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