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Adult Workshop: Abstraction: Pattern, Repetition and the Glitch

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

Saturday, June 8, 3 – 6pm
Instructor: Danielle Kimzey

Abstraction: Pattern, Repetition and the Glitch - When something breaks with the routine of everyday life, it becomes memorable, leaves a bookmark to look back upon and illuminates certain truths that had previously gone without notice. Thus, in separating from the norm, it allows us to see it.  A painting can reveal a truth, emotion, or discovery much in the same way. This class will explore abstraction and how to create an abstract painting that expresses a moment, experience or image that is meaningful to the student. 

After a short introduction to the history and methods of abstract painting and painters, the instructor will demonstrate different painting techniques and possibilities for working with Holbein Acryla gouache paint. This paint is non-toxic and water soluble and has the opacity of acrylic paint yet the matte finish of watercolor. Acryla gouache is forgiving, easy to change, and quick drying for decisive or methodical painting. Each student needs to bring a sketchbook if they have one and a few photographs, objects, poems, articles or print outs of things that resonate with them, even if they can't describe why. We won't copy these source materials but use them as starting points. Each student will learn how to start an abstract painting and gain the confidence to know when to finish as well.

The instructor will provide the Acryla gouache paint and a primed wood panel that is cradled in order to hang on your wall without a frame. At the end of class it will be ready to take home and admire!

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