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Be a Better Leader: Learn Techniques to Stress Less and Improve Workplace Performance

Central Christian Church- Dallas

Be a Better Leader: Learn Techniques to Stress Less, Improve Workplace Performance and Relationships. 

Mastermind Meditate will host for the first time a new workshop for those looking to stress less at work, be a stronger leader, have better business and personal relationships, and improved mental and physical health. The “Intro to Emotional Intelligence” workshop will be held on Saturday, April 27, at the Central Westside Campus in Dallas.

Unlike traditional intelligence (IQ), which typically remains stable over a person’s lifetime, emotional intelligence is not fixed over time – it is something that can always be improved upon. An emotional intelligence mindfulness practice not only benefits us physically and mentally, but it also has huge benefits for workplace performance and stress reduction. People who practice mindfulness at work are shown to have more appropriate reactions to stress, be more creative, more compassionate, better communicators and better leaders. This class will take a deep dive into mindful communication and compassion to help you become a better friend, partner, co-worker or boss.

Register at mastermindmeditate.com/programs or call 214-522-4575.

Central Westside Campus, 4711 Westside Drive, Dallas, TX 75209

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  • $249

4711 Westside · Dallas, TX 75209