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Dallas Contemporary

Join us for a healing session of radical embroidery inspired by Margarita Cabrera’s exhibition It is Impossible to Cover the Sun with a Finger. More and more, embroidery is being used as a medium for resistance and social expression. Let’s all stitch it out. Led by artist and activist Rae Pleasant.

$10 supply fee

Registration is required and limited. Welcome to ages 17 and up. Wine provided for ages 21 and up

Rae Pleasant is an Afro-American Millennial artist from Dallas, TX. After studying art history and dance performance at SMU, she completed numerous fellowships and placements at leading institutions across the country. Pleasant later traveled to New Zealand for inspiration and completed a post-graduate diploma in art history. The trials and triumphs of being an early contributor to diversity in academia and the arts in the new millennium inspired her to start a small company to generate independent projects. As an artist, she creates publications, illustrations, and fiber art using reclaimed or economical materials and displays the work in community spaces or alternative galleries. Inspiration often comes from nature, or in contrast, suburbia in order to express emotion or assert identity. Other times, Pleasant will merge academic interests with art practice to fully explore new concepts and traditional histories. 

For more info: [email protected]

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161 Glass St. · Dallas, TX 75207

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