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FIVE MILE RADIUS: Pop up Gallery

The TX Studio

The TX Studio is pleased to announce the opening of photographer Emily Stoker’s Five Mile Radius exhibition on February 16, 2019, at The TX Studio (1300 S. Polk St, Dallas, Texas 75224) from 6 – 9 p.m. 

Emily Stoker photographed the community within five miles of The TX Studio over three days in late 2018. Stoker’s project concentrates on a community in an increasingly fragmented society. In a moment where the camera, and by extension, the digital photograph has become ubiquitous, Stoker brings the tradition of early portrait photography to the present. Every device now seems to hold thousands of digital photographs, taken and forgotten, Stoker embraces the community with the realization that few if any of these digital photographs are printed. The subjects are invited back into the same space where it all began to meet each other and share in the experience of what is community. Stoker’s portraits are a stunning achievement for their documentation of a changing neighborhood through the people who reside there.

Free beer. One night only. 



  • FREE!

1300 S. Polk St. · Dallas, TX 75224

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