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Stories On The Theme "Monkey Business"

Moody Performance Hall

From shenanigans at Late Night Kroger to being seen naked online by your teenage son, there’s going to be a whole lotta “Monkey Business” on display. Watch as an aspiring actress buds into a Broadway ingenue courtesy of Tommy Tune. Open your heart to the journey of a young daughter caring for her mother with dementia. Spend some time on the checkout line with a cashier named Clydene. This cage of animals is female dominant- there’s only one lone male to speak for his side of the species.

The storytellers are:
Daisy Chuskul goes from daughter to caregiver in her early twenties when her mom’s monkey business turns out to be dementia.
Bruce R. Coleman itches his mean streak in the checkout line late one night at Kroger.
Laurel Collins shares how a chance meeting with Tommy Tune opened up the doors to Broadway.
Cristee Cook attends a small group campout with Dr. Jane Goodall with a popular girl from her 7th grade class.
Emily Eldredge discovers the unexpected healing power of her inner child in the wake of 9-11.
Jennifer Sherman was only 5 when her adventuresome family’s exotic travels brought the jungle inside.
Nayrok Udab reveals the monkey business that goes down when social media mixes with a famous sister and a naked video.

Don’t miss this riotous evening Tuesday, February 26 at 8 p.m. at Moody Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District. Tickets are on sale now. See you at the show!

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