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Love's Invisible Dance with Karen Aberle

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Working through the crisis of a third marriage in tatters, Karen Aberle came to discover the dance of love as two vastly different worlds converged - studies in the philosophy of language and apprenticeship in the shamanic tradition of the Huichol people of the Mexican sierra. The return of tenderness, commitment, and passion to her marriage has provided a roadmap for others. Karen has introduced the dance in a variety of environments over the last three decades. Through her leadership program, “Mindful Collaboration,” she has coached people in Fortune 100 organizations to achieve extraordinary results by learning how to learn, love, partner, and fight - the same skills she and her husband have taught around the globe in their “Deep Relationship” programs to individuals and couples seeking more love in their lives. This book crystallizes their learning. A native New Yorker, Karen now lives in Dallas, close to the embrace of her children and grandchildren. While she travels, speaks, and teaches extensively, you can always find her at www.karenaberle.com.

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