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Metallängen: the metal meadow

Tarrant County College South Campus - Carillon Gallery

The title of the show “Metalängen” (meaning “the metal meadow”) is my attempt to redefine home through the use of Swedish combination words. In the same way, that “turtle” also means “shield-toad” in Swedish.
When I look around I feel like I live in “the metal meadow”, a land where the length of wires and rebar exceed the roots of trees and flowers. This re-defining of home extends from the memories of my youth. As a child, I watched suburbia encroach upon the wild forests that surrounded my backyard, in a ferocity that I never forgot. The places I knew to pluck snails, the burrows of blind skunks, and the clearings in the trees, where patches of colorful flowers grew–all swept away in the name of progress.

The ideas for the artworks in this show are spun from personal memories, interactions with nature, and a rediscovery of my own family history. Many of the works are designed to be touched and played with, in the same way, you would brush your hand against the leaves of a tree or wind-up grandma’s music box. Each person who interacts with the work, causes the story of the object to change and take on new meanings. By the end of the show, the artworks will no longer contain only my memories, but the memories of the viewer as well.
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