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Shadow Wall Play

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Colby Parsons' Structured Light exhibition, now on view in the Gough Gallery, toys with the relationship between the virtual world of light projection and the physical world of ceramics. In a fascinating display of intricate patterns and moving shapes, Parsons blends traditional craft with digital systems to present an innovative combination of elements that bridge the gap which typically separates handmade from technological art forms. 

On this Thursday Night @ PAAC, come create artwork à la Parsons. Using shadow walls installed throughout the building, you are encouraged play and experiment with making patterns, pictures, and designs. We will provide a variety of props and craft materials for you to cut, fold, assemble and arrange to your imagination’s delight. With each new composition, take a picture. At the end of the night, choose your favorite creation and upload it to social media with the hashtag #GDACShadowPlay. We will gather every submission and upload it to our website where the community will have the chance to vote on which image they like best. When Structured Light closes August 25, we will reveal the community’s top pick and the creator will win a prize and the satisfaction of internet fame! 


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