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The Island of The Skog

Dallas Children's Theater

Script by Linda Daugherty
Based on the book The Island of the Skog by Steven Kellogg

Recommended for ages 3 and up

The bebest-laidlans of mice and well, Skog, are upended in this lively musical adventure that navigates land and sea.  When Jenny and her mice friends grow weary of ravenous cats, noisy humans, and peril on the streets, they decide a new island paradise is the order of the day. Led by the surly Captain Bouncer, the Rough-riding Rowdies think they’ve hit the jackpot until they discover that a “giant” already has dibs on their newfound home. The Rowdies and Skog each devise a survival of the fittest plan that, in the end, only points out the flaws that come with assuming the worst and refusing to compromise. A delightfully charming and gentle story that brings to life the author’s beloved illustrations and characters.


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  • $17-$30
Box Office
  • 214-740-0051

5938 Skillman Street · Rosewood Center for Family Arts · Dallas, TX 75231