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Dan's Silverleaf

Introducing #PLEASED's big premier in Texas: it's Spiderweb Salon's newest hyper-collaborative creative production! Is it a performance piece? Yes. A musical? Yes. An intimate reflection of the current state of the world? Yes. Is it a dance recital? Yes. A poetry reading, perhaps? Yes. A prayer? Yes. A hug? Yes. Your new favorite song? Yes. A party? Yes. Art? Yes. Life? Yes. A garden? A forest? A mystery? A party? YES. Let there be cake.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
doors open at 7 pm
showtime at 8 pm sharp
Cover: $8

Our debut of #PLEASED was met with great acclaim in Santa Fe on May 27, and we can't wait to perform our reworked and totally amped up version for our hometown community, complete with the release of a short documentary of our New Mexico adventures filmed and produced by Frank Darko of PARIAH.

Meet us at Dan's Silverleaf for an evening of music, poetry, performance, dance, installation art, cake, theatrics, improv, zines, and much, much more by the original cast & crew Alex Stock, Christopher David Taylor, courtney marie, Elia Tamplin, Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi, Frank Darko, Jacob Greenan, Joanna Lugo, Kim Nall, Kristina Smith, Leah Jones, Machele Johnson, Matthew Long, Nina Chantanapumma, Sam Cook, Sarah Friday, Sarah Ruth, Sean Enfield, and more special guest artists, musicians, and performers to-be-announced!

Doors are at 7, come get a drink and make some friends! This is a show you want to see from START to FINISH, so be sure to arrive by 8pm to catch it all, and stay for the afterparty with music by two incredible touring musical acts from Santa Fe:

Future Scars: https://futurescars.bandcamp.com

Dylan Blanchard: https://dylanblanchard.bandcamp.com

POSTER ART and PROMO MATERIALS by the amazing Andrea Harman!

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we're a group of writers & artists working, creating, sharing, & surviving in the world. most of us live in north texas. our goals are simple: to create & collaborate constantly, to curate places, events, and publications where folks can share their work, and to strengthen friendships & have fun while supporting one another.


we've been just about SIX years now (since summer 2012), which has resulted in something like 80 showcases, countless workshops, dozens and dozens of zines, a dinosaur parade, a protest march, a pool party, a fake wedding, a few batches of beer, a collaboration with the Dallas Museum of Art, late night poetry benders, a podcast series, a small residency program, and many fundraisers supporting our local animal shelter, Friends of the Family, and most recently, the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. over the years we have featured hundreds of artists at our shows, both local and traveling, and have proudly witnessed many of our members make incredible things happen near & far.

our collective is currently roaming and does not have a regular venue. we operate mostly out of homes, bars, basements, bookshops, backyards, and the occasional art gallery.

in 2016, the Dallas Observer named us Best Literary Arts Group in DFW.


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