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J & J's Pizza

Join Spiderweb Salon & friends for a celebration of the absurd, the weird, and the nerdy.

All artists, dreamers, & mediums are welcome. Consider this a meet & greet for those who appreciate and thrive on the mysterious or bizarre or strange, the ghostly or other-worldy! May this be a place for your nerdiest obsessions to shine! It could be as simple as an ode to stamp collecting or a toast to the avid reader, or as specific as harry potter fanfic or a love sonnet to your favorite obscure artist. It's D&D meets comic-con meets star wars meets meets your strange cousin's weird alien abduction stories. What've you got? Get your best and strangest costumes and cosplay ready, too. Let's make this a wonderfully strange evening!

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118 W. Oak Street · Denton, TX 76201