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The Tribute: The Creatures that Made the West Wild

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Local Artists Present “The Tribute” at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Award-winning local artists Carol Acedo and Kellie Hudson are pleased to announce their gallery show, “The Tribute: The Creatures that Made the West Wild” coming to the Fort Worth Community Art Center  1300 Gendy St. Ft Worth, Tx 76107 June 1 - June 28 2018

With the seamless fusion of completely different media and styles, this exhibition celebrates the rustic animals of the West from the grasslands of Texas, through the great plains, painted deserts, and into the Rockies. Whether in a great herd, or a lone untamable hunter, we pay homage to the diversity of the wildlife found right here in Texas.  Carol’s realistic paintings using acrylic paint on raw canvas capture the lives of these majestic creatures, while Kellie's intricate carving work on skulls and horns honors the spirit of the animals’ story after death.

Carol Acedo was born in Kentucky and grew up in North Carolina where she earned a degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. She has since settled in Fort Worth and has won numerous awards including the Iris Wilson Award at the TAC 12th Annual Juried Show in Ft Worth, TX, and the 2015 and 2017 Viewers Choice Awards at the WAA Peach Festival Art Show in Weatherford, TX. Her unique method of painting in which she applies acrylic paint onto raw prepared canvas produces a soft, light absorbent, matte surface not common to most paintings. In her mainly monochromatic palette, she captures a moment of life where the spirit of her subject shines majestically through.

Kellie Hudson is a native of Ft Worth. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of North Texas and currently teaches art at Travis Academy of Fine Arts. She has participated in several shows and won the People's Choice Award in Milan Art Gallery's Discovery Show in 2016 in Ft Worth, TX.  Working on commission for many ranchers and hunters, she enjoys the challenge of satisfying each individual client.  Her work involves finely detailed carvings hand inked or stained on bone, horn, and antler. Each piece represents a life, each life had a story. Her goal is to give honor, to pay tribute to the life of the skull or horn represents.

The opening reception for “The Tribute: The Creatures that Made the West Wild” is on June 1st, 2018  from 6-9 pm, and it runs through June 28th. For more information, please contact Carol Acedo via email at [email protected], or by phone, at 909-821-9175. 



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1300 Gendy Street · Fort Worth, TX 76107