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Angelia Ford: Creating Visibility for the Invisible

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

You are invited to a presentation by Multimedia Artist Angelia Ford. Ms. Ford is a Dallas-based artist who has this to say about her art: “As an artist, I have always been motivated to create work with the intention of peeling away the outside layers of our human experience, in order to reveal who ...we are at our core. The true beauty of art is its capability to stir emotion in the viewer and remind us of all that we have in common. In that respect, I feel it is my duty to create work that inspires personal reflection, which in turn invites the viewer to entertain a new perspective on the world around them.”

“The series of drawings titled “Creating Visibility for the Invisible” explores the dynamics of homelessness, and reveals the paths and circumstances that led to their subjects’ displacement. The drawings reflect upon the homeless individuals’ isolation, while examining the common misconceptions to focus on the long-standing chasm between the homeless and their surrounding communities. I talk to each individual for three to four hours in an effort to understand the reasons they became homeless. As references for my drawings, I take between fifteen to twenty photographs. The latitude and longitude of the location where I spoke to them is added to the drawing as a geographical point for the viewer. This is their home.” “My work reveals the barriers that have been created by stereotypes, and considers the homeless population from a different perspective. In re-evaluating their plight through art, I recognize the homeless and nurture the hope that they will no longer be ignored. Instead, they are seen as people who are doing the best they can to survive. They are people who have a story, if only we would take time to listen.”

To find out more about Angelia and see more examples of her artwork, visit: The presentation is sponsored by the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), and is free for VAST members, and $5 for guests.

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400 E. Hickory St. · Denton, TX 76201