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FWADA Spring Gallery Night: Chicks Who Shoot

Grackle Art Gallery

The Eyes of 11 Texas Women

Tracy Costello, Shari Hunt, Rose Reyes, Nikki Sumrow, Kelle Moulton, Joyce Marshall, Heather Scott, Destiny Sosa, Debbie Collins, Camille Wheeler, Alicia Wells

The Grackle Art Gallery in Fort Worth is doing Spring Gal-lery Night right with an All-Women Photography Show, celebrating 11 talented Texas Women Photographers.

The show, Co-Curated by local Texas photographers Kelle Moulton and Alicia Wells, will take place March 24 from 7-11 pm.

The show explores the stereotype, the science and the psychology of how women photographers differ from their male counterparts.

The women in this exhibit all take very different types of photographs. They weren’t chosen based on their subject matter, their age, or even their years of experience. They were chosen because their photos grabbed our attention. Their photos engaged us, made us want to know more.

In talking to the women, they all had a story that was influencing their work. Stay-at-home-mother. Working two jobs. Divorced. Single parent. Laid off. College student. Starving artist. Retired. Teacher. Nurse. No one had the same story, or the same photos. Or even the same reason for taking their photos.

On March 24 you are invited to gaze into the eyes of their portraits, get lost in their sunsets, wonder at their macros, and in general celebrate the journey that has resulted in the work you will see in this collection.

This is a one-night-only, free event. Please make plans to stop by as you make the Spring Gallery Night rounds. Enjoy some: lite bites, sweet tunes, and a view of Texas through the eyes of 11 women who call Texas home.

Special thanks to the Grackle Art Gallery, Matthew J. Sacks, Linda Little and really everyone who has worked to make this happen. With very special thanks to Clint Niosi for coordinating the smooth acoustics of musicians: Amanda Hand, Darrin Kobetich, Deanna Valone.


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