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Opening Reception - Kathy Lovas: Close-Up Magic

Eastfield College

On view: January 25 - February 16, 2018
Opening Reception: January 25, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Gallery 219 at Eastfield College

Kathy Lovas is a multi-media artist who regularly moves between photography and sculpture in her projects. Her investigations into the ontology of photography have informed her work throughout her career and led to working with non-traditional installation ideas and an interest in examining the idea of “the frame.” Evolving from subject matter in her daily life, Lovas’ works address the malfunction and reassembly of memory, and the roles photography and other objects play in its dissemination.

In her site-specific installation, Close-Up Magic, Lovas intersperses elements from several projects created between 1998 and 2018. These text-based photographic works and sculptural installations, installed to create a continuous flow of images and ideas, speak in multiple ways to the rapidly evolving definition of photography. In Photography is Magic, independent curator and writer, Charlotte Cotton addressed the ways in which contemporary photography consider the perspective and participation of the viewer, much like that of a magician, opening the viewer to a compelling experience. Lovas’ installation performs similarly, “inviting viewers’ imaginative participation in our current post-internet collective image environment.” 

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