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First Caturday Richland Hills

Richland Hills Public Library

Friends of Caturday

A meowiest Saturday awaits! 

First Caturday is a day to reclaim the glory of the outdoors for our feline friends. It is a day for sweet and delicious outdoor cat-napping and socializing. 

It is where we can freely exchange information, friendship, and joy to help make our cats happy and healthy. 

Some cats actually like leash walks, others stroller walks, and still others just to come to the park in their pet carriers to listen to the birds singing . It's completely fine if a cat decides, nope, no park for me, please. Totally fine if a cat doesn't like Caturday and wants to go straight home. Or it's completely fine if a cat decides to stay inside a pet-carrier and not come out on the leash.

If you try bringing your cat in one of these safe and supervised ways, you may find that your cat likes fresh air and the change of scenery. This is one more option to enrich your cat's life. If you have a shy kitty, you can skip the big group, and just try sitting in your backyard with your cat in the carrier. And some kitties just don't like the outdoors  and that's a-okay! Respect their choice to stay inside. 

With or without a cat, you're welcome at #firstcaturday

MEET BY LINK PLAZA (the park area between the library, city hall and the rec center)

 PLEASE BE AWARE that this is an unofficial social gathering, organized only by cats. Participate responsibly and caringly for your human, your furbabies, and the environment! And although this should be obvious: if you have never taken your cat or human outdoors in a safe and controlled way, this event is not the first time to do so. By participating, you agree that the well-being and safety of your cat are strictly your responsibility. 

 If you’d like to stay connected, follow along at or, and help this idea spread by sharing with other friendly cat-owners! 

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