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Where Earth Meets the Sky

Latino Cultural Center

Where Earth Meets the Sky is an Indigenous Futurism / Sci-Fi performance on socialization and environmental destruction. Anghared262 is from Omnivessel, which left the earth in the year 2050.  She is sent to the once-dying Earth with a mission of scouting for food samples.  When she encounters Earthroot, she enters her ancestral past and questions her allegiance to Omnivessel.  Earthroot, a peaceful, global, matriarchy, must face the impending colonization as they lose two of their own to Anghared’s arrival.

The Creators are committed to creating spaces where Wombyn of Color imagine possible futures in collective. Where Earth Meets the Sky will become a part of a larger Transmedia Storytelling Project through future collaborations and a collective imagining where decolonization, healing, and a reclaiming of our ancestral knowledge is not only possible but intentionally created. Our goal is to bring together radical thinkers and artists towards creating a fictional narrative that spans over a thousand years in the history of Earth and creates a community engaged in resisting the violence and greed in our present dominating culture.

Performed in English with some Spanish and languages yet known. Rated PG13.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Evenings at 8:00 PM with Sunday Matinees at 2:30 PM

“The sophistication of the concepts at hand and the sheer beauty of the language in this play makes it worthy of the word ‘intelligent’... a piece devised among the predominantly female, multiracial cast with much thought given to every detail of the plot, characters, and the production.”— Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones.com

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  • $13-$35

2600 Live Oak Street · Dallas, TX 75204

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