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Nina Simone: Four Women

Jubilee Theatre

September 16, 1963. The day after the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama led Nina Simone to shift her career from artist to artist-activist as she believed, "An artist's responsibility is to reflect the times." Nina Simone: Four Women uses the framework of one of her most blistering songs "Four Women" to give voice to a group of women who suffered from self-hatred due to the different hues of their skin: Aunt Sarah, Sephronia, Sweet Thing, and Peaches. This play with music includes some of Nina Simone's most popular Civil Rights anthems such as "Mississippi Goddam," "Go Limp," and "Young, Gifted, and Black" to look at an artist and the women around her as their journey leads them down a path of discovery and healing.A Gospel Singing Jubilee, filled with the heart and soul of that old-time religion.

You’ll sing, sway and clap your hands… but you’ll only try to stay seated!


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  • $25
Box Office
  • (817) 338-4411

506 Main St. · Fort Worth, TX 76102

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