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Hotter 'n Firecrackers 5K Run & Dachshund Dash

Frisco Square

Join us July 3 for our annual Hotter ‘n Firecrackers Glow 5K Run! Participants will light up the night as they race through Frisco Square sporting flashing LED lights and their brightest fluorescent gear. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing ‘glow’ effect, energized by the beat of electronic music.

As if the bright lights and great music aren't enough ... don't miss the hilarious fun of our Dachshund Dash right before the 5K starts. It might not be the Kentucky Derby, but expect a nail-biter as these energetic little competitors chase the title of Top Dog in Frisco!

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8856 Coleman Blvd. · Frisco, TX 75034