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Jorge Alegría: Supernova

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Kirk Hopper Fine Art is pleased to welcome our first solo exhibition for artist Jorge Alegría, entitled SUPERNOVA. This exhibit will feature Alegría’s most recent drawings and opens Saturday, May 13, with a public reception for the artist from 6–8 p.m. On view May 13 through June 24.

Supernova is a further exploration into the visual imagination of Jorge Alegría's series, Heaven: The War of the Angels. Heaven is a series of works based on a personal fictional narrative of the same name, originating from the Bible, spanning the cosmos and centuries into the future. The new drawings represent scenes of environments, creatures, and civilizations found in events from that narrative.

Alegría’s seductively detailed drawings tap into his stream of consciousness and pull from his boyhood interests of dinosaurs, bible stories, bird watching, and ant farms to create a dark and dystopian world. The War of the Angels begins during the story of Noah, with people and animals being gathered and relocated throughout the cosmos, while a distant angel seeks revenge by inflicting catastrophe. Alegría’s drawings reveal the fragility of our own reality and how disconnected we have become from grace and redemption. His drawings reflect a life of complex moods for complex times.

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1426 N. Riverfront Blvd · Dallas, TX 75207