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SITE131 opens its Spring exhibition UNEXPECTED aligned with the Dallas Art Fair on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 6 ~ 8 pm and shows through May 27, 2017.  Curated by Joan Davidow, the founder|director gathers talents from Texas, United States and abroad whose work will surprise and delight you:  Jaime Tarazona from Bogota, Colombia; Nina Katchadourian from the US; and Cameron Schoepp from Texas.

Unexpected at SITE131 will make you laugh, cry, and wonder.  Planned during the Dallas Art Fair, SITE131 engages the public with a Roundtable Conversation about Absurdity in Art on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, from 5 to 6 p.m.  Exhibition artists Cameron Schoepp and Jaime Tarazona will chat with area artists about the humor in their art.

Each of the three artists shows his/her own multiple approaches to imagery.  Colombian artist Jaime Tarazona, who shows with Gallería Nueveochenta in Bogota, finds old elegant etchings he superimposes with delicately painted architectural structures—his subtle element of absurdity. 

Delightfully clever artist Nina Katchadourian, shows with Catherine Clark Gallery in New York and California, and concurrently appears in her first museum exhibition at the Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin.  Katchadourian engages her fetching sense of humor to set a stage she is always on!  In her Seat Assignment series, she creates photographs from found materials while “trapped” on long trans- Atlantic flights to visit family in Armenia.  Using throwaway magazines as her canvas, she employs her wit to re-imagine the imagery.  Then wait until you see how she creates period portraits and costumes in cramped bathrooms with the napkins and throwaway bags at her fingertips.  To Jeremy Hallock, writing for Art+Culture, “Her works are absurd, charming, and infectious.”     

Texas artist Cameron Schoepp expands his sculptural talents in new directions using construction materials in, as he puts it, “slightly elegant ways.”  Visual fences make Schoepp’s work appear simultaneously as inviting and untouchable islands.  An absurdly long pipeline slices the gallery space, and a rough-hewn square of timbers defines a bench.  One sculpted bench-sits atop a gorgeous handmade carpet confusing its accessibility.These three searching artists clearly take risks.  They’ll show at SITE131 through May 27, 2017.  Special thanks go the artists’ galleries:  Catherine Clark Gallery, New York and California,  s Gallería Nueveochenta in Bogota, Colombia.  SITE131 is open Fridays and Saturdays

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