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Making and Using a Pinhole Camera

Dallas Center for Photography

You don’t need a digital camera to have creative photo fun. In this full day workshop we will make and use our own pinhole cameras in a low-tech, hands-on experience merging the wonders of science and art.

Pinhole cameras can be made from an array of household items but in this workshop we’ll use a cardboard oatmeal container, a soda can, black electrician’s tape and a straight pin. It’s as simple as that! The pinhole camera is a real camera and functions with the same basic principles as all film and digital cameras. Along with learning how to make and use pinhole cameras, you will get a chance to develop images using traditional darkroom methods and chemicals. You’ll come away understanding the scientific principles of light and imaging that are shared by the pinhole cameras, the human eye and modern digital cameras.

You’ll start the day by building your own camera and producing a variety of in-camera paper negatives and direct positive prints. Later in the day, you will have the opportunity to experiment with exposure times or double exposures and create an additional camera from a variety of containers such as old film canisters. You can even go off site to take photos and return to develop in the darkroom.

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  • $240-$260

4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207