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Opening Reception: UN-HUMAN

Arts Fort Worth

Un-human is a body of work exploring concepts of human suffering, violence, politics, control, power, empathy and hypocrisy within a larger social commentary of human life treated as disposable. There is an inferred agreement throughout the world that human life is precious and priceless, and is defined as such by some religious organizations as well as social and political groups. Yet historical records and the media have documented the expendable ways human life is treated when the tides of political and economic forces change the social landscape. The gap between what is said and what is done is addressed throughout Un-human.

 Each scenario depicts unspeakable acts of violence intended to highlight situations where the value of a human life has been disregarded.  As reference, the work brings into consideration some of the ways people interact with insects.  For the most part individuals at some point have mindlessly killed an insect. On the other hand, most people do not have firsthand experience of killing another human being.  By intersecting these two violent acts, images of dismembered, impaled, obliterated, tortured and pinned humanoid forms are intended to focus attention on an array of inhumane violent actions perpetrated through the world and throughout time. The exaggerated representation of violence is not meant to teach nor preach but rather bring awareness of the victims and their suffering.  

Opening reception, April 8, 6-9 p.m. Exhibition on display April 8-29, 2016.

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1300 Gendy Street · Fort Worth, TX 76107

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