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Temple Spirt

Fair Park

Echo Theatre's Season 18 kicks off with the world premiere of "Temple Spirit" by Susan Felder.

A mysterious priest must spend a single night in a haunted temple. All who've tried have been found dead by morning. Grappling with demons of his own, Jogen arrives to try and reclaim the place as night falls. The long, eerie hours of darkness ahead will change him forever.

"Temple Spirit" is an original work inspired by ancient Japanese folk stories, as familiar to the Japanese culture as Cinderella is to ours. It weaves together the tales of demons, ghosts and lost souls with an original story line.

Each tale is told with a specific verse or prose style in order to evoke the musicality and mood of the ghostly story. Like all classic fairy tales, these eerie fables delve into our dreams and fears. Unfamiliar, yet strangely resonate, they peer into the darkness within all of us. Jogen wrestles with the impossible
question of human dichotomy through the darkest hours of the night. Is light possible without darkness? In a culture valuing heroes and warriors, which is greater: our desire for peace…or revenge? What do we do when our relationships with our enemies shake our very foundations?

Thanks to the support of our partners at Fair Park, Echo Theatre will be able to expand this season to four main stage productions and bring art into an under-utilized area of our city. The Creative Arts Building at Fair Park houses Showplace Theater that, for many years, has offered programming only during the State Fair of Texas but will serve as the "new" venue for Echo Theatre. You'll found the Creative Arts Building along Nimitz Avenue, next to The Embarcadero. We will return to our home-base at the Bath House Cultural Center in June for our final show, "Love Alone" by Deborah Salem Smith.

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