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22nd Annual El Corazon Exhibition - Opening Reception

Bath House Cultural Center

Opening Reception with the Artists:

Saturday, February 6, 2016 (7-9 PM) - Featuring live music by Waco artist, Chris Castañeda.

The Bath House Cultural Center presents the 22nd installment of its popular El Corazon exhibition. This passionate and eclectic show features diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazon), an important and inspiring symbol in art and culture, from more than fifty artists. 

The exhibition was curated by Jose Vargas.

Participating Artists: Thomas Alonso, Robin Bachtler Cushman, Mauricio Stephan Barragan, Sal Barron, Dan Birlew, Lindsay Brennan, Chelsea Brock-Hoberer, Tarran Caldwell, Kim Carothers, Gabrielle Castañeda-Pruitt, Cynthia M. Daniel, Danielle Dillon, Dan Dudley, Brett Dyer, Cenya Eichengreen, Colleen Falco, S.G. Garcia, Jessica Gengenbach, Denise Althea Graham, Michael Graham, Cynthia Green, Rebecca Guy, Julie Henslee, Orlando Hernandez, Bobbie Howard, La Quinta Howard, Joanna LaGrone-Headrick, Eli Lorenz, S. Chuck McCarter, Rose Marie Mercado, Vincent Morin, Jr., Louise Murdock, Kristi Angelic Narvaez, Rebeca Navarro, Johnny Perez, Kathleen A. Raymond, Esperanza B. Rodriguez, Carlos Quadra, Liliana Ramirez, Ann Ranson, Marty Ray, Richard Ray, Marc Reeves, Janet Reynolds, Evelyn Rojo, Lesley Rucker, Balmore Salazar, Lowell Sargeant, Kate Schatz, Elizabeth Schowachert, Sabine Senft, Kelly Shipley, CeCe Skeith, Pam Stern, Sammy L. Thomason, Alexandra Tomalá, Jose Vargas, VET, Lisa Vollrath, Patricia Waas, and M.E. Wilcox.


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