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Opening Reception: Elizabeth Schowachert - Hidden Voices

Muzeion Gallery invites you to experience the new encaustic and mixed media series, Hidden Voices, by Texas based artist, Elizabeth Schowachert and to attend the opening reception on Saturday, February 6th from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibition runs through March 5, 2016. Both the opening reception and exhibition are free and open to the public; and the artist will be in attendance.

 Elizabeth Schowachert was born and raised in Northern California, and has always had a deep appreciation and affinity with the sea and the natural beauty of the Northern California coastline. Her paintings reflect her deep love of and spiritual relationship with nature. For her, discovery and creative exploration are an essential part of art making. Her work is as much about the process of discovery as it is about the articulation of an idea, a feeling or a place. Creating art is an essential part of who she is and her hope is that her work reflects, her ideas, her passions and the deep spiritual connection she feels to nature. Elizabeth practices out of her studio located in a suburb of Dallas.

 In Hidden Voices, the artwork transcribes a language that only the subconscious fully understands, with images that never clearly take shape, but instead layer upon one another to create what cannot be articulated with words. It speaks to the things we hold deep inside ourselves, sometimes to protect, sometimes to forget. It intends to access those deep places within ourselves, that are buried in the subconscious and that flicker at the surface of our memory, providing glimpses into the past experiences that have molded us into who we are.

This exploration of past experiences relates not only to personal identity, but to cultural identity. The voices of the past are expressed in the recent works by the artists through reflections of Meso-American design motifs couple with abstract expressionist mark making. In this way, the artwork draws from both Modernism and from Pre-Columbian art and creates a connection between the past and the present, exploring existential concepts and spiritual revelations. To further explore this profound connection, this showcase of contemporary abstract paintings will be accompanied by a selection of Pre-Columbian sculpture and textile works from Muzeion’s exclusive collection of antiquities, including artifacts from Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. 


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