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Apollo's Flight

Latino Cultural Center

A Live Multi-Media Show: Electronic Spectacle of Light, Music, & Dance 
Apollo, in Greek and Roman mythology, was the god of light, music, truth, the sun and prophecy so it seems fitting to name this multi-media concept after such an expressive character and one who is at the center of all the same ideas and mediums. Apollo's Flight is a concept that will blend original electronic music by key composer, Mr. Marek Eneti, Jonathan Jones, Radu Cernat, and Francine Thirteen, magnificent media projection by Joao Beira, electronic progressive live instrumentation by all the composers, contemporary dance presented by Contemporary Ballet Dallas, vivid costume design by Jesse Thaxton, and spacey film footage. It is a concept that will take an audience member on a journey using most of the senses and even illicit the imagination, memory, and beyond. Will be premiered at the Latino Cultural Center on February 5, 2016.


  • $30
Box Office
  • 214-671-0052

2600 Live Oak Street · Dallas, TX 75204